What is WPKG?

WPKG is a software deployment platform. It works by reading a script to what software you want installed on which PC's.

What is this How2 about?

This is what I consider the best setup for WPKG and how to set it up.  I am sure there are meny tutorials around for basic setup, however, this is not just about getting it up and running but also getting day to day use and maintenance out of it!

Initial Seteup Requirements

Requirements fall into 2 categories.  Firstly what do you require from the setup, and 2nd, what hardware/software is required from the setup.

Requirements We need

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Deploy software using a point and select approach
  • Upgrade all PC's when new software is published

Hardware/Software Requirements

  • Linux web server with PHP
  • Linux server with Samba / SMB

WPKG by itself only runs from a basic windows file share/SAMBA server.  I use a web based control panel to manage the scripts, to make it a lot easier to maintain.  You may choose to run one server combining web server and SAMBA, or 2 separate servers.  i choose 2 simply because I already have a web server in my home network and want to isolate the install packages. If someone gains write access to the install packages they could replace them with their own executable running whatever they like on any PC.