What is Keepass

Keepass is a secure password vault to generate and store passwords.

Who is this aimed for?

Keepass is quick and easy to set up with plenty of guides.

This method is aimed for people already comfortable with Keepass and looking to get extra and more portable use. Also, it's for people not just using it on a single PC but for those with a home network who may have a desktop and laptop.


Keepass can be run from a network drive, which is great, but what happens when you take your laptop out and about?  This is when we want to save the Keepass file to our local drive.  

We could copy it to our local drive but when we update our master file we'd have to re download it to our laptop, and if we were to update on our laptop we'd need to then go and update the master file.

Is there an easier, more seamless way?



Okay this is the bit you've been waiting for...