S Health can be used to capture a wide range of data. 

If you want to be able to look at your data yourself you can export into a CSV file by following this How2.


To export data in S Health, we first have to do a bit of prep as per Step 1 - 4 below.  Once we do this, we can just open the data app and export as much as we like, as per FINAL step below.



Step 1 Prep - Download SDK

  • Go to http://developer.samsung.com/health on PC
  • Under Essential click the Download button for Samsung Digital Health SDK
  • Accept the agreement and download ZIP file
  • Extract the ZIP file to a folder you will remember.


Step 2 Prep - Put S Health app into Developer mode

  • Put S Health into Developer mode
  • Open S Health
  • Select More -> Settings
  • Scroll to bottom and select About S Health
  • Tap the version number quickly 10 times



Note: Full documentation of phone setup is available from the SDK folder:


3.3.1 details putting into developer mode


To turn off Developer mode, follow the same steps as turning on Developer Mode.

Step 3 Prep - Install Data Viewer app

  • From S Health folder navigate into ..\HealthData_v1.2.1\Tools
  • Copy DataViewer-1.2.0.apk to your phone
  • Find file on your phones File Manager, and install the app 
  • Your phone will ask you to enable Third Party App Installation if you havn’t already.  You will need to do this to install the app.


Step 4 Prep - Enable Permissions

  • We now need to get permissions
  • Open S Health app
  • Select More -> Settings -> Data Permissions
  • Click on Data Viewer
  • Select the switch at the top to turn on access
  • Scroll down and find the Allowed to Read section in grey text
  • Turn on each item under Allowed to Read section
  • Reboot phone to enable the new setting
  • Without a reboot it will not work.


FINAL Export Data

  • Open Data viewer
  • Select More
  • Select Export Data
  • Tick each item you want in your data, and click Save
  • I choose Step Count, Heart Rate, Exercise
  • Open your favourite File Manager and find the CSV file
    • /sdcard/SHealth
  • Copy this to your PC and into whichever application you like



If you see check if permissions are acquired or not:

Follow Step 4

Reboot phone


Data Explained

Exercise CSV:

  • end_time   When you finished exercise in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss
  • start_time   When you started exercise in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss
  • duration    Total time in microseconds
  • exercise_type   Numerical ID of exercise. 1001 for walking.
  • max_speed   Fastest time in KM
  • calorie   Est Calories burned
  • mean_speed   Avg speed km/h
  • distance   Total travel in metres

Tips to calculate data

  • Date of exercise  -  convert start_time into dd/mm/yyyy
  • Duration in Minutes    -   duration divide by 1000 then by 60
  • Distance in Miles   -   distance divide by 1000 then multiply by 0.621371